Need for Justice

The Kick

1. What is happening in the picture above?
2. Why do you believe the man is being kicked in the head?
3. Explain what the bystanders are doing. How come none of the bystanders intervened?
4. Analyze the men in the picture and describe the commonalities of the men in the picture.
5. What legal remedy would have been available for the victim above in the 1960s?
6. How would Dr. Martin Luther King have dealt with the incident above, in your opinion?


1. Why were the Deacons for Defense and Justice organized?
2. Explain why you believe this report was written by the FBI.
3. What did you learn from this letter that you did not know? What impact has this new knowledge had on you?
4. What was the purpose of using informants? In your opinion, were they effective tools in the fight for civil rights (why or why not)?
5. Why was this letter originally classified?
6. Describe the activities of the KKK toward Blacks in the 1960s.

The Gathering